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Museum of Forest Stone
The Sixth Display Room

The room mainly contains the tablets of poetry and verses in the dynasties of Yuan, Ming and Qing. Among them are the very valuable tablets of "Visiting the Tianguan Mountain" by Zhao Mengfu in the Yuan Dynasty; "Seeing off Zhang Sheng of Huiji in Moling Inn" by Dong Qichang in the Ming Dynasty; of "Bestowing Wu He" by the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kang Xi in the handwriting of Mi Fei, and of "Visiting Mount Hua" by Lin Zexu.

The Seventh Display Room

This room was set up in 1982 ,which specially stores "The Se- cret Court Copybook of Chunhua in the Song Dynasty". This secret copybook has ten volumes. The first five contain the calligraphy of various emperors, famous officials and well- known calligraphers in seal script, cursive script and regular script. The later five contain the cursive handwriting of Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi. This is a collection of the works of Chinese calligra- phers before the Song Dynasty. "The Secret Court Copybook" was originally engraved on date wooden board by Wang Zhu under the order of Song Taizong in the Third Reign of Chunhua(992 A. D. ). It was kept, rubbed and distributed to officials. Because it was en- graved in the Imperial Court, it was thus named "Secret Court Copybook ". Also because it was done in Chunhua Reign, it was thus called "the Secret Court Copybook of Chunhua". Soon after the book was engraved, it was destroyed. There were many private and public copies from Song to Qing dynasties. The present copy, an imitation of "the Secret Court Copybook of Chunhua" in Xi'an Stone Forests, was engraved on 145 pieces of stone with both sides in 1646.

In the six tortuous corridor are displayed epitaphs from Wei to Qing dynasties. In the Wei and Jin periods, it was strictly forbidden to bury the dead extravagantly and erect tablets in front of the tombs, but to commemorate the deceased, members of the family and relatives engraved on the stone tablets the compliments for the dead and placed the tablets secretly into the tomb. This type of stone engraving later became inscriptions on memorial tahlets and the inscriptions thus became epitaph.

Forest of Stone Tablets in Xi'an

The First Display Room

The Second Display Room

The Third Display Room

The Fourth & Fifth Display Room

Stone Sculpture

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